Mineo Technical Services Limited was established in January 2021 by Steve Carney as a natural progression from operating as a self employed Sole Trader since 2017. The company provides consultancy services for Intelligent Transport Systems contracts to a number of clients in Ireland. With over 20 years’ experience delivering Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects from initial development, procurement, client and sub-contractor liaison to testing and commissioning, Mineo Technical Services Ltd are an invaluable resource to any organisation engaging in ITS contracting in Ireland.

Systems and products that are included in the company’s portfolio include:

  • Electrical Installation, design, test & commissioning
  • Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems
  • SCATS & TR2500 Traffic Signal Control Technology
  • Video and inductive loop vehicle detection technology
  • Optical Fibre transmission systems
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems and Journey Time Analysis
  • Motorway Variable Message Sign and Lane Control Signal equipment